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What is Air Conditioning and how It works?

Your air conditioner does not add cold air to your home it actually removes heat. In simple terms, the equipment removes heat and humidity from the air and sends it outside. From there, fans blow the leftover chilled air through ductwork and into your home.

 Air Conditioning units have four main components:
  • Evaporator coil
  • Compressor
  • Expansion Valve
  • Condenser

Air Conditioners use a chemical called refrigerant to absorb the heat.
Here is how the cooling cycle of an Air Conditioner works:
  • The evaporator coil extracts heat from inside your home
  • The refrigerant soaks up the heat
  • The compressor puts pressure on the refrigerant
  • The condenser releases the heat outdoors
  • The expansion valve regulates the refrigerants flow back into the evaporator

Some signs your Air Conditioner needs to be repaired or replaced:
  • The system short cycles or will not turn on
  • There are layers of frost on your system or it continues to “freeze up”
  • The system is making odd noises or strange smells are coming from it

It is always important to schedule yearly checkups on your air conditioning system. This way your cooling equipment has the opportunity to run at peak performance during the summer months when it is needed.

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